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For details about standard mkdocs options, see MkDocs Configuration.

Extra configuration options

In addition, the Windmill Dark theme supports a few additional options, which may be listed under the extra: key of mkdocs.yml.

extra.logo: Path to a logo to include in the top bar next to the site name.

extra.version: Version number to include right under the site name.

and under in mkdocs_theme.yml.

article_nav_top: Set to false to hide the Previous/Next navigation buttons above article contents.

article_nav_bottom: Set to false to hide the Previous/Next navigation buttons below article contents.

history_buttons: Include back/forward buttons in the top bar. This is useful when the documentation site is included into a bare browser, e.g. into an Electron-based application.

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require_once 'Zend/Uri/Http.php';

namespace Location\Web;

interface Factory
    static function _factory();

abstract class URI extends BaseURI implements Factory
    abstract function test();

    public static $st1 = 1;
    const ME = "Yo";
    var $list = NULL;
    private $var;

     * Returns a URI
     * @return URI
    static public function _factory($stats = array(), $uri = 'http')
        echo __METHOD__;
        $uri = explode(':', $uri, 0b10);
        $schemeSpecific = isset($uri[1]) ? $uri[1] : '';
        $desc = 'Multi
line description';

        // Security check
        if (!ctype_alnum($scheme)) {
            throw new Zend_Uri_Exception('Illegal scheme');

        $this->var = 0 - self::$st;
        $this->list = list(Array("1"=> 2, 2=>self::ME, 3 => \Location\Web\URI::class));

        return [
            'uri'   => $uri,
            'value' => null,

echo URI::ME . URI::$st1;

__halt_compiler () ; datahere
datahere */


Windmill Dark theme focuses on clean usable navigation for large documentation projects. It retains the state of the menu of pages and folders across page transitions, by keeping navigation to an iframe.

It also implements a versatile search, featuring term highlighting, and both a quick dropdown and a full-page option that allows the user to come back to search results.

Within pages, it uses the default mkdocs theme, including syntax highlighting.


Install the Windmill Dark theme using pip:

pip install mkdocs-windmill-dark

Test image title{ width="320"}

To install and get started with mkdocs, follow MkDocs documentation.


To use the Windmill Dark theme installed via pip, add this to your mkdocs.yml:

theme: 'windmill-dark'

If you cloned Windmill Dark from GitHub:

theme_dir: 'mkdocs-windmill-dark/mkdocs_windmill_dark'

See Customization for a few extra configuration options supported by the Windmill Dark theme.