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Quake Rtlights 2.0 =)

2011-12-02 15:46:08Posted by Inkub0

Here it is my new Realtime Lights for Quake ID1, now at 2.0 release. I added many changes because the latest 1.8 was too dark due to a problem with my monitor. Download it and enjoy! =)


Quake 1 Community Pack !

2011-09-30 12:09:19Posted by Inkub0

Hey! As you can see, this website is getting bigger and follows my work on Hexen 2 and Quake1 too. Today i want to share with you my Community Pack for Quake 1: it contains more or less the same things of the others, but mine has QRP textures while others uses often Rygel's pack. (i think Rygel's is a bit too "dirty") In addiction, it contains my new RTLIGHTS, better than other packs. So, thank you to all the community, in particular to OoPpEe, Seven, and Moon[drunk] that did a great job. Happy Download! P.S. : the pack comes without normalmaps, because the file was too big. You can download them separately here or in QRP website.


Just Today...

2011-09-12 13:28:45Posted by Inkub0

just today i received this message on my YouTube Channel:

Hi there! I don't want to be rude or impudent, but have you abandoned the project? It looks awesome and I admire your work. Good luck and keep up the good work. Cheers!

This is my answer: for all that people thinkin' this project is dead:

In the last year i finihed university, so i had less time for the textures. Meanwhile, i joined "Remake Quake" Project, as texturer. Now, i'm working on a new website, containing all my work, not only about hexen2 but all Quake1, doom1, heretic1 and hexen2 work.
My engagement in RMQ gave me the possibility to enhance and make better the Hexen2 texture pack, so dont worry. As Terminator said: "I'LL BE BACK" =)


heretic 1 is still in my heart...

2011-01-09 20:46:08Posted by Inkub0

Hello! We must say it: looking at current heretic1 texture pack is like a punch in the eye. So i said: "i'm developing the hexen2 textures, that are in the same story, in a similar game.... maybe i can do something!" so i put my hands on the old 2003 texture pack and replaced many textures with mine... ( I want to thank all the 1250 people that visited this website. We got 2600 visits! )


I'm still working, dont worry

2010-10-27 11:47:22Posted by Inkub0

Hey guys! Tank you for your friendship! This website got over 1200 visits since his first day. It's a great result and i'm honored to see this result. I write some lines to say that i'm still working, but i prefer to leave the new textures on my hard disk for a while... Why? Because i think and think un a single texture, and i can choose to change it many times. And i'm bored to upload often new, small releases. So.. dont worry. My time is short, but my wish to finish this quest is great. Maybe the version 1.0 will be a Christmas present? I dont know...